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Wedding Shower Games “Words of Wisdom”

 Wedding Shower Games "Words of Wisdom"

As an addition to the traditional wedding shower games, here’s a brand new suggestion. The “Wisdom Tree” from KEE Kreations.  Many bridesmaids are looking for that special something that will have the guests chatting long after the celebration is over.  Why not add one activity that can be playful, heartfelt and be kept for a lifetime.  Framed, the “Wisdom Tree” can display “Words of Wisdom” , shared by family or friends.  Who can resist giving encouraging “Words of Wisdom” to the soon-to-be Married Couple.

Wedding Shower Games “Words of Wisdom”

Created Just for You – This Interactive Art was created for the wedding shower guests to personalize.  Write words with meaning or whimsy, on and around, the “Wisdom Tree.  Words that will inspire the newlyweds!  Include poems, sayings, single words, scriptures, positive thoughts and short quips.  Don’t forget to ask the guests to sign their names.  Frame the unique print and don’t put glass over it.  The couple can continue to add to their “Words of Wisdom.”  Hang it proudly in the  newlyweds home! It will make them smile each time they read their special “Words of Wisdom.”  These are “pieces” of  everyone that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Wedding Shower Games “Wisdom Tree Print ”  

Insert a pretty blank card into each shower invitation for guests to share their advice for a happy marriage.  The wedding guests can read their words of wisdom to the other guests and write it on the tree.  Also, the cards can be collected,  handed out  anonymously to be read by party quests or the bride.  The bride can fill in her “Words of Wisdom” on her “Wisdom Tree” at a later time.

Alternate wedding shower games with the “Wisdom Tree Print”

When planning your wedding shower games, remember the trend is to include male and female guests on the invitation list.  This would include inserting a second blank card into the wedding shower invitation. These cards need to be filled out by both male and female guests.

No matter how you choose to use your  “Wisdom Tree” print, you can be sure that your wedding shower will be unique!

For more information about Interactive Art prints for weddings, visit www.KEEKreations.com or email Karen at karen@keekreations.com. KEE Kreations has been presenting quality art since 1985, with an emphasis on personalization and unlocking the door to meaningful aesthetics for customers all around the country.

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