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About KEE KREATIONS…How it all began…

During the early 1980’s I was walking a friend out to her car, when she blurted out, “I just hate you!”  Being a good friend, I raised my eyebrows, nodded and said, “Oookaay, I can take that.  But, do you mind my asking, why?”  You see, we were in our mid-twenties and she had not found a significant other.   I, on the other hand, had been married to a wonderful man, widowed, and had recently gotten remarried to an equally wonderful man.  I was truly blessed.  This was the basis of her proclamation.   After she explained her statement, I told her it was perfectly okay for her to hate me for that reason.  We both smiled.

We had arrived at her car when she said, “Seriously, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”   I told her to go for it, and ask away.  Her question was this, “How do you separate your love for each husband, and not have internal conflict?  What if you love one more than the other, stuff like that?  How do you handle the feelings?”

Those were thoughts and questions I had never posed to myself.  I had to think for a minute how to explain why that doesn’t have to happen.  I believe this is where God opened a door of creativity in my brain to help explain my experience to her.

I told her it’s like having two sons or two parents.  They are totally different people and you love each one for who they are.  You can love them equally, yet love them differently for their own special qualities and personality.  It’s like we all have rooms in our hearts.  Each person we meet has his, or her, own room.  Each person makes memories with you and they are stored in their special room in your heart.  When someone, like my first husband leaves your life because of death or distance, or for whatever reason, you can always spend time with that person in the memories held in their room. Yet, our love for other people can’t change, add or subtract memories or feelings from anyone else’s room.   She got it.  While I was describing this to her I could see in my head the heart with all of the rooms.  Later I doodled the drawing on paper and tucked it away.  Little did I know that 20 years later I would need to use the “Rooms in My Heart” in a different way.

Years came and went, and I found myself observing a young girl that had a mother and a new step-mother.  Even though the step-mother did everything she could to be accepted into the girl’s life and heart, I watched this young girl withhold her affections from her step-mother.    Again, the Rooms in My Heart came to my mind.  This time I didn’t just doodle it on paper.  I sat down and painted a watercolor picture of the heart with all of the empty rooms in it.  Then I presented it to her.  I explained that each person she met had their own room in her heart.  She needed to fill each room with memories and love for the particular occupant of that room.  She can choose to keep the room of one person barren and devoid of feelings.  But, I told her there was no need to withhold love or experiences from one person thinking that she is betraying anyone else.  In this instance she was not robbing love from anyone, by giving love and making memories with another person.  I explained that she would not run out of love.  We have an endless supply to give, if we choose, and only we can turn the love faucet on or off.     She got the picture, in reality and figuratively!

That’s how it all began!

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